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Our mission is simple, to provide high-quality services for our valued clients. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each clients' specific needs through open communication. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service, hoping to make your experience unforgettable. Ready to become a medical coder in 6 months or less? Contact us for more information or general inquiries, 


Hello, I’m Leticia Cohens, CPC, CPC-I, an AAPC Approved Instructor. I’ve been in the healthcare field for over 16 years. Having started from check-out at a family medicine clinic, where I moved up the ladder to attaining my CPC and supervisor of billing. I then later worked in multiple specialties such as Radiology, Dermatology, Risk Adjustment and now Emergency Medicine.


I’ve had the pleasure of educating providers, providing training to staff which has led me here, to prepare students to attain their certificate in medical coding and assisting providers and doctor offices with medical billing services. My passion is helping individuals reach their career goals and assisting them with mapping out their career.



I am a recent graduate of the CPC class through Cohens Coding & Consulting. Let me first start by saying I passed the test after the first try. I truly owe that all to the great instruction and guidance I received from Ms. Cohens. She made it very easy to ask questions and feel confident in what was being learned week to week. I am forever grateful to her and all she did and continues to inspire me to do. If you want to increase your medical knowledge and take a course where the instructor constantly shows you how much the want you to win, this is it! Thank you so much

Cayla, CPC-A

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